Ralph Steadman

Alice in Wonderland

Winner of the Francis Williams Memorial Bequest for the best illustrated book for the last 5 years in 1972 Ralph Steadman's illustrated Alice in Wonderland was received to high acclaim.

The insightful drawings mirror our own society, now as then. The White rabbit is the harried commuter, always late, the Cheshire Cat is a TV presenter more present than ever in our celebrity driven culture and the Mad Hatter is the bully, the quiz game emcee asking endless meaningless questions. The illustrations are beautifully rendered in stark black and white with Steadmans trademark use of line and eye for detail. They are elegant but hint at the barely controlled rage of their creator confused and bewildered like Alice as she makes her strange journey.

In Alice Through the Looking Glass Steadman forces order upon the chaos with the recurring theme of the black and white floor tiles creating some incredible landscapes as Alice herself begins to put childhood behind her a

A stunning collection for your consideration.


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